Developed around 1870, continuously improved and recognised throughout the world, the Dujardin - Salleron Ebulliometer is the simplest instrument for directly and accurately testing the alcoholic content of dry wines with normal composition.

Comes complete with wooden case, precision thermometer, calculation disk, alcohol lamp, water/wine measurement tube and a box of wicks.


The boiling temperature of dry wines is based on their alcoholic content and atmospheric pressure. You note the boiling temperature of the wine to be tested and consult a calculation disk that gives directly the alcoholic strength by volume.

Dosage of wine using water as a reference.
• Bring to a boil:
- 1 measure of water, then
- 1 measure of wine.
• Note these temperatures and consult the calculation disk to read directly the wine’s alcoholic strength by volume.
• Rinse the boiler well between each operation.

Dosage using a standard wine as a reference. (analysis by official method : distillation & pycnometry).
• Bring to a boil:
- 1 measure of standard wine, then
- 1 measure of the wine to be analysed.
• Consult the content of the standard wine on the disk and its boiling temperature.
• Directly read the alcoholic content of the wine to be analysed.
This more accurate method is in perfect conformity to the official method.

• Sturdy – Solid : all metallic parts.
• Portable – Fast and easy-to-use.
• Simplified maintenance : spare parts.
• Multi-purpose : Can also titrate cider and vinegar.
• Accurate and reliable results since 1870.

• Continuous cooling.
• Water/wine measurement cylinder.
• Magnifying glass.
• Thermoscope meter.
• Special boiler for vinegar.





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