With an electronically regulated electric heater and continuous refrigeration, this ebulliometer enables the alcoholic content of dry wines to be determined directly and precisely in less than 6 minutes.

Comes complete with precision thermometer, calculation slide ruler, cable, supply and draining tube.


The boiling temperature of wines depends on their alcoholic content and the atmospheric pressure. The boiling temperatures of the water and wine to be tested is noted and a calculation slide ruler is used to find the alcoholic strength by volume with an accuracy of 0.1% vol.

Dosage of wine using water as a reference.
• Bring to a boil :
- 1 measure of water, then
- 1 measure of wine.
• Note these temperatures ; then using the calculation slide ruler directly read the alcoholic strength by volume of the wine.
• Rinse the boiler well between each operation.

Dosage using a standard wine as a reference. (analysis by official method : distillation & pycnometry)).
• Bring to a boil:
- 1 measure of standard wine, then
- Look at the degree of the standard wine and its boiling temperature on the calculation slide ruler.
• Directly read the alcoholic content of the wine to be analysed.
This more accurate method conforms perfectly to the official method.

• Electronically regulated heating. Stable boiling temperature.
• Continuous cooling.
• Total visibility of the operation : filling, boiling, draining.
• Results obtained in approximatively 6 min. after the boiling point of the water or wine.

• Calculation disk.
• Sweet wine titration option
• Vinegar titration option.
• Thermoscope meter.

• Dimensions:
  Height : 450 mm
Width : 160 mm
Depth : 120 mm
• Weight : 3 Kg
• Power supply : 220 V- 50 Hz or 110 V- 50/60 Hz


The instrument carries the CE (European Community) marking (standards NF EN 55011 band 150 KHz to 1000 MHz, CEI801-2, CEI801-3, CEI801-4, Class B)





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